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Your professional partners in prescribed fire and natural resource conservation.


Since 1887, the Treadwells have been dedicated to natural resource conservation, wildlife management, and holistic ranching operations. This dedication to the land is obvious in touring our property, joining us for a classic Texas hunt, being serviced through our buying or selling real estate experience, or even hiring CFT to burn one up to improve your land, RTO is the brand to ride with.

What We Do

Rocket T Outfitters is a full service land, natural resource, and concept improvement service, promoting stewardship and management naturally across all 5 Texas eco-regions.

Service is our number one priority.
— Brian Treadwell, Founder


About Brian Treadwell

Brian Treadwell graduated from SMU in ' 92 with a bachelor of arts. Upon graduation Brian was hired to make hunting videos for the largest producer of hunting videos in America. After 2 years of filming and hunting with the different labels in this company, Brian had the confidence that his family's Ft. McKavett ranch, founded in 1887, could stand up with the best hunting destinations in the U.S. At Christmas of ' 94 the Treadwell family came together for a meeting and Rocket T Outfitters was launched.

Fall of ' 95 saw RTO as the first Hill Country ranch to ever appear in the Realtree Monster Bucks video series, where Realtree shooters took 2 Pope & Young bucks in 3 days. In the years that followed, RTO hosted many other hunters from almost every hunting TV show on TNN and Fox Sports. In ' 97 RTO was chosen in the top 10 places to hunt in the Southern United States as well as the top 10 places to hunt in Texas, for the same year, according to the Southern Sports Journal.

In ' 98, the Outdoor Channel approached Brian about creating an RTO series titled Runnin' Wild Texas Adventures. The series received lots of recognition and viewer appreciation according to the Outdoor Channel, but after a year on the air, the RTO gang decided they knew more about hunting and ranching than selling TV advertising sponsorships.

In ’06, when the Texas Department of Agriculture initiated the commercial prescribed burn manager license, Brian was one of the 1st licensees and one of the 1st commercial burn managers licensed in all 5 ecoregions of Texas.

During this same time frame, the Treadwell Family began looking for a second ranch to purchase in order to expand their hunting business, and had to face the draining task of searching Texas with countless brokers to try and find the perfect place. It soon became obvious that Brian had seen more real estate than any one broker they tried to work with. So, Brian became a real estate broker licensed in the state of Texas, specializing in ranches. While Treadwell Ranch & Recreation Investments only handles a few special listings at a time, TR&R specializes in buyer representation.

All of the experience and achievements the Treadwell family has accumulated has not gone unnoticed. From the very start, RTO was recognized by Texas Parks and Wildlife for their management efforts with whitetail deer. The Treadwells have received the Excellence in grazing management award from the USDA, as well as conducting many field tours for USDA extension officials at both ranches. In only their second year at the new Brady division ranch, Brian and his father John were awarded recognition for their range improvements and innovative steps for the wildlife.

Using prescribed fire was the main tool available for the Treadwell Ranches and the extensive use of fire, along with regional needs of other landowners wanting to apply prescribed fire to their rangelands, led to the formation of Conservation Fire Team.

No matter what your personal pursuits may be, Brian Treadwell can provide a solid background of experience as well as extensive knowledge of plant and animal identification and management practices. This is evidenced if you ever join RTO for a classic Texas hunt, enlist TR&R to assist you in your ranch real estate matters, or hire CFT to burn your ranch down.


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