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Rocket T Outfitters began outfitting Texas’ free-range native game hunts in 1994. Based at the Treadwell Family’s Ft. McKavett Ranch, founded in 1887, RTO was introducing clients to the wildlife foundation of 4 previous generations. At their peak in the late ‘90’s, RTO was managing the game for clients on over 56,000 acres of Edward’s Plateau range land. The story of their operation and history is marked with achievements, but now their future seems to be truly groundbreaking. 

RTO received many awards and much publicity due to their constant production of trophy animals as well as their ability to turn clients into repeat customers and friends. Rocket T has always been a name associated with fair dealings and quality hunting, but in ‘95 when Realtree Outdoors ventured into the Texas Hill Country for their first hunt, well, the experience was captured on video in Realtree Monster Bucks IV and the whirlwind of publicity began. 

At one time in the mid ‘90’s RTO had hosted almost every big hunting TV show worth viewing for one type of hunt or another. In 1998, RTO was named as one of the top 10 places to hunt in all of the South, according to Southern Sporting Journal. In ‘97, after filming RTO clients to produce their first full length RTO feature hunting video, Brian was asked about doing a series for the Outdoor Channel. 

RTO did 18 months on the Outdoor Channel, producing the series Runnin’ Wild Texas Adventures. To this day, Brian Treadwell is the only rancher to have produced a weekly TV series. Runnin’ Wild documented real clients on real hunts with an emphasis on habitat management. 

RTO’s ability to keep individual client groups happy and excited about their hunting experience turned single bookings into repeat clients with an average of 4 years return visits. Because of their client-friends’ eagerness to return each season, RTO launched their hunting country club program. It was the country club approach which led RTO to develop their corporate club packages.


RTO Specifics

4 years of return visits

Join Brian Treadwell (5th generation) and John Treadwell (4th generation) for your group’s spot in the future of hunting and contact them to explore taking your whole outfit out to hunt with theirs.

  • Our hunts are not sold by the TV show hosts or magazine writers RTO has taken hunting in the past, but more from the conversations we hope to have after your group has studied our information packet.

  • To RTO, a true hunter is driven by a love for the outdoors, and success lies in sharing the experiences of Mother Nature's lessons. The harvesting of a majestic Texas Buck or Rio Grande Turkey is more like an add-on to an already winning experience.

  • Granted, booking a hunt with us means some classic Texas hunting, but remember that we didn't get to the top by accident. Our basic philosophy is that success is not so much what you take, as much as what you put back. And if at any moment during our trip, time seems to move a little bit slower under a burnt orange evening sky, as friends new and old reflect on a days challenges, then together we have succeeded.

Corporate Hunt Leases

Thanks for your interest in the trophy hunting opportunities we offer at the Treadwell Ranch. With the increased interest in our corporate hunting packages, we have refined our service menu, but as always, we are most interested in your input and needs. 

All of our outdoor adventure trips combine top quality free-ranging wildlife with first class service and amenities to combine for an outdoor experience that will leave you and your guests reminiscing your grand adventures for months to come. We want to be your partners in building loyalty and relationships with the guests your outfit brings to ours.

We choose to specialize in corporate or large group type hunting leases and we have ranches of various sizes with all levels of amenities and housing that we are trying to match with the appropriate long term groups. To find out more email


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