Conservation Fire Team

Conservation Fire Team (CFT) is your partner in prescribed burning.

CFT burns between 20,000- 50,000 acres all across the state, annually. Brian Treadwell is a licensed and insured commercial burn manager and brings decades of burn knowledge and successful prescribed burning experiences to your habitat plan. 

CFT specializes in landowner participation of turn-key prescribed burns. CFT provides a burn plan and recommends a prescription to the landowner for firebreaks, fire suppression equipment, the fire team, and liability coverage. A turnkey prescribed burn fee, is based upon the perimeter distance around the burn unit, an evaluation fee, which includes maps and the burn plan, plus a one way mileage fee, per truck, from our HQ to yours. 

CFT has lots of experience in wildfire preparation, planning, fighting, and Texas Forest Service co-ordination. We understand how the TFS works and we can plan the least invasive and destructive routes for the State bulldozers to install emergency cleared fire lanes. Even if the smoke is still on the neighbors property, call Brian at Conservation Fire Team and we’ll bring our team to be defense against unplanned fires.

Brian is one of just a handful of fire experts, licensed by the State of Texas as a certified prescribed burn manager, in all 5 Texas eco regions. To find out more about burning your property and deciding if your pastures should be a winter burn or summer burn, please email Brian at bet@wcc.net 


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